How To Hack Wi-Fi- Get To Know Some Useful Information

There are a lot of time when you can find various wi-fi hotspots specially when you have a nice wi-fi enabled mobile or tab or even a laptop but then in most of the cases you are not able to use such wi-fi as most of them are encrypted with passwords. So in such scenario one needs to hack a WPA key or a wep key in order to avail services from those wi-fi hotspots. Now the question is how to hack wi-fi. Hacking of wi-fi AIO 2009 encompasses Linux and Windows operating systems and some additional tools.
Advantages of wi-fi

WIFI stands for Wireless Fidelity, furthermore renowned as the 802.11b benchmark; its greatest benefit is that it has a higher transmission speed that can reachto 11Mbps.It also has a long effective range.
WIFI is a wireless LAN and AP created by wireless network. The major benefit of WiFi is that it does not need wiring and can be exempted from such constraints, so it is best suited for the mobile users. Currently it is being used in health care and some other special industries and rapidly spreading to educational institutions and many other fields.
Setting up a wifi network
Wireless network card and the AP are the basic equipment necessary for setting up a wireless network. The wireless mode can be used along with cable infrastructure for sharing the network resources and minimizing complexity of methods and set up cost. While thinking about how to hack wifi the attacker can associate with the WLAN by sending Probe Requests through Beacons which cannot be detected.
If the SSID in the Beacon is not set to null and the Beacon is not turned off then the attacker can easily obtain the SSID from the Beacon frame with the help of passive scanning. There are two choices available to the attacker if the Beacon transmission is disabled. The attacker can wait for a voluntary Associate Request coming from a station that has a correct SSID and can sniff it or can sniff the response by injecting frames into the network.

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